10 February 2012

cooking rice

It's a rice and beans kind of week. Last night we had a whole mix of beans with sautéed corn, brown rice & a salsa verde-greek yogurt sauce. I've been prepping for a big, all-weekend event with work so we've been keeping dinners quick and simple. We cook a lot of rice 'round these parts. Consequently, I have burned a lot of pots of rice 'round these parts. Especially with the longer cooking time of brown rice, it is absurdly easy to wander off and completely forget about what is on the stove, even if you were ultra vigilant for the first 30 minutes. So when my mom served roasted root vegetables with a pot of brown rice that she made in her new rice cooker, I was blown away. For some reason I thought that rice cookers didn't work as well for brown rice, but I'm totally wrong. You don't even have to time it, the cooker just shuts off when your rice is ready and will even keep it warm for you until you are ready to eat. I was blown away. The rice cooker probably won't be making any appearances in our tiny kitchen, due to the utter lack of counters, but you can bet that it will pop up as soon as we are cooking in a normal-sized space.

Do you have a rice cooker? I've heard from many people that it's really the only way to make rice. Have you made brown rice in it? What about other grains? Is it totally worth it? Speaking of appliances that are totally worth it, stop in at FSC for my {What's New In My Kitchen Wednesday post}, all about my continuing love affair with Mr. Vitamix, the blender of all blenders. 

Updated July 2012 to include my Vitamix affiliate link for free shipping. Buy your Vitamix through this link and receive free shipping. $25 value. You're welcome. (Note: I joined the affiliate program five months after the FSC post was published, and none of those links in the post are affiliate links.)


  1. We have our rice cooker has a permanent place on our counter. We cook brown & white rice and quinoa in the cooker almost nightly. We also reheat our rice in the cooker (Thank you Korean mother-in-law for that trick)

    Its old, Chuck's from when he was in college, and its still going strong. tick tock.

    It also is great if you want to "soak" your grains before using it as the pot easily comes out. So I soak the rice, rinse it in the sink, put new water in and turn it on. EASY PEASY. Love that thing.

    1. Sooo, I'm definitely getting a rice cooker. And a bigger kitchen within which to store all of my new appliances.


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