28 February 2012

drink vermont


We are on a mission. A mission to visit as many of the fine Vermont breweries as we can. We've already hit quite a few, but now we have our Vermont Brewery Challenge Passports, ready to be stamped at brewing establishments throughout the Green Mountain State. Last week we both had a day off so we decided to tool around Southern VT, making stops in Bennington and Brattleboro to visit the Madison Brewing Company and McNeill's Brewery, respectively.

Fun! Delicious! We also got to stop in at Bennington Potters, so it was an awesome day. At Madison's, I tried the Buck's Honey Wheat- "An American Wheat Beer brewed with real Vermont honey,"- and Chris ordered the Crowtown Pale Ale- "Dry hopped with a load of Cascade hops grown in the Pacific Northwest. Amber-Copper in color with a pleasant malt flavor." At McNeill's, I tried the Champ Ale: "A West Coast style pale ale that is somewhat citrusy with notes of concord grapes both in the flavor and the nose. Made from a blend of British and domestic malts, it has a light red or pale rose color and very high drinkability." Chris opted for the Professor Brewhead's Brown Ale at McNeill's: "This beer goes back to the American style. A full brown color, it is made from domestic and German malt, with some spicy citrus notes and a touch of chocolate."

We snacked all along the way and grabbed a wood-fired pizza and coffees before heading back. By this point the gray, gloomy weather had already turned to pouring rain and then to an incredibly unpleasant snow/freezing rain mix. So that was a fun drive home on the winding VT roads. Once safely home, I put on my pjs and promptly started catching up on the few episodes I'd missed of Downton Abbey. Like the rest of the world, I'm completely obsessed. 


  1. Too bad we have to wait until next December for new Downton Abbey shows. Until then we can get on board the "Free Bates" movement.

  2. beer passport + vermont = awesome

    also, your hair in that photo is so cute! im jealous. how did you skip the awkward in-between pixie/bob phase?? :)

  3. Sure sounds like a sweet way to spend a day off!


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