29 February 2012

the podcast!

I am giddy to announce the first episode of the FROM SCRATCH CLUB PODCAST! Eek! What?! Woot woot! We've had this little secret project in the works for awhile now and today, on Leap Day, we are proud to release Episode 01: New Beginnings.

Head over to this post to listen to our very first episode and to get the link to our new podcast blog. We are waiting for approval from iTunes and once we have that, you'll be able to subscribe to the podcast right in iTunes and sync it to your iPod!

Update: The podcast is on iTunes! Check it out here.

Happy listening :)


  1. I forgot to tell you how much I LOVED the podcast! Very Cool! I hope you'll do more of these!

    1. Thanks! We are publishing monthly for now, but we may bump it up in the future :)


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