20 February 2012

sunday soup, the women's bean project

We've been loving the combination of fresh bread from our Community Supported Bakery with our classic Sunday Soups. Every Sunday, we go to the store, pick up our specialty loaf and then come home to see what we can make from all of it. Sometimes we make soup. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we make a phone call to order Indian food. You know how it is.

This was a particularly lovely soup, made from a ten bean mix from the Women's Bean Project. The Women's Bean Project is a Colorado-based nonprofit that helps women break the cycle of poverty by teaching job readiness and employment skills in gourmet food production and handmade jewelry manufacturing. The program provides immediate income, support services, job training and a source of newfound confidence and independence to disenfranchised and disempowered women. One of Chris' colleagues gave us a package of Toni's Ten Bean Soup mix for Christmas. We paired it with the toasted almond, green peppercorn & black pepper loaf we got from the bakery.

Have you been making Sunday Soups? Do you have a recipe I should try out? I have a small stack of great soup cookbooks to work through, including Anna Thomas' Love Soup , which I absolutely adore.

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  1. We made soup yesterday, following my friend (downstairs neighbor Chris!)'s very flexible recipe... made veggie stock w/garlic, onions, carrots... boiled cubed sweet potatoes in the stock for 20 minutes... added black beans, cumin and chili powder, and cooked down a bit... blended 1/3 of the soup (per his instructions, you can blend all, some or none). Added some corn and heated through. Great winter soup!


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