23 March 2012

fsc in the news!

Congratulations to From Scratch Club for a great article in the Times Union yesterday! Right on the front page of the Food section. Special congrats to Christina Davis for leading the way in building community around food, right here in our region. The blog, the community outreach tables, the food swaps... it's all bringing people together and making food matter. I'm happy to be a part of it.

Click the following photos to enlarge & read.

For the record, that now-infamous Topsy Turvy planter never actually yielded tomatoes. That detail doesn't translate to print well, does it? :) Anyhow, have a great weekend everyone. Sorry the posting has been so light here... but, well that's the way it is. I'm surprised I even got this one up today after last night's killer All Over Albany's 4th Birthday Party. Drinks, snacks, cupcakes & a beautiful-if-a-bit-freakish warm evening with friends and strangers, followed by a nice walk home.

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