28 March 2012

lucky duck

I've been having a very lucky few months, at least in terms of small raffles and door prizes. It's never happened to me before. In fact, I used to be one of those people who complain about never winning anything, ever. But in the past few months, I've won raffles for: 1) a donation to my organization, 2) a purse-hanging clip thing for tables (do you know what I mean?), 3) a leather portfolio, 4) free yoga classes and a 5) free lunch for my entire office. I was recently at an event where you could drop your business card in to win a free indoor golf extravaganza and I joked to my colleague that I wasn't going to enter because I would obviously win and I didn't want to steal that away from someone who would really love an indoor golf extravaganza.

Last week, I was handed a raffle ticket at an event and I snickered to myself and thought, "Here we go." I was so cocky! Which is insane, because it's not like I've won everything I've entered in the past few months. But I was feeling lucky that day. It was forecast to be an oddly balmy March day and I had a new dress on. Things were going good.

The raffle was for a lovely dinner & storytelling event package at a local fancy restaurant. As they started reading the numbers, I read them along in my mind and! Lo and behold, I won. Again. #6.

Later that day, upon hearing of yet another lucky win, my office immediately pooled together to buy a bunch of Quick Picks for last week's Mega Millions. I actually had a mini panic attack the night before the drawing because I worried that winning all of that money would ruin my life and even if we all donated millions to our organization we would then have trouble encouraging others to invest in our mission and oh my, I'll need a lawyer to help me manage all of the money. (It should be obvious now that I'm a high-anxiety person.)

Well, we did not win the $290 million.

But! Just last night, I won another raffle! #7. Seriously. I now have four complimentary tickets to the Albany Institute of History & Art. I've still got game, folks. It appears my powers do not work for Mega Millions, but I'm a force to be reckoned with at door prize drawings.


  1. I love to hear about winning streaks and lucky ducks - so congratulations! Do you have any tips to pass on? ;)

  2. It always feels good to win! Congrats!


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