14 March 2012

our neighborhood

Our neighborhood is pretty great. This past Sunday, while Chris was running, I walked around the corner to our local tea shop & vegan cafe to read a bit while sipping on an iced organic peach white tea.

On my two-minute walk back, I spotted the flower market and decided to get myself a pretty bouquet for our apartment. The sun was shining, the breeze was unseasonably warm and it was just enough to shake me out of my winter blues for the day.

I love our neighborhood.
Later on, we opted against creating a bunch of dirty dishes for ourselves and made the familiar trek to one of our most favorite restaurants, the Mexican joint just a few blocks away. We feasted and, on the walk home, wondered how many times we had made that exact trip. How many times we had walked through our neighborhood with bellies full of enchiladas and tortilla chips. We calculated... many times.

Whenever we move out of this 'hood, I'll surely miss it like crazy. 

On the other hand, it will be nice to not start every morning in a panic because I've forgotten where I parked my car last night. Really, every morning I stand on my stoop and feverishly try to remember where I parked that thing. A driveway would be a really good thing for someone like me. Less room in which to lose a car.

Updated: A few more photos of our 'hood here.


  1. Such a sweet post! I know exactly what you are talking about. Dave and I had an AMAZING apartment on Manning for a while, and I really miss riding my bike to Mahars for a post-class beer, or to Cafe Madison for Sunday brunch, or taking walks down to Washington Park for a lazy afternoon picnic. Moving out to the farm was amazing in so many other ways, but I do miss sunny days like what we've been having lately and being able to walk every where.

  2. LOL about the parking situation, thank god for driveways!

  3. agreed. loved living on the park :)

    still loving our new locale, though! we're right behind the Mahar's block, too. definitely a lateral move :D


    1. Definitely a lateral move! With all of the bars in our neighborhood, we don't have anything as great as Mahar's :)


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