07 May 2012

indianapolis (& why whole foods made a mistake)

The shuttle company's vans were all out on the road... So they drove us to our hotels in a limo.
(The shuttle company's vans were all out on the road... so they took us to our hotels in a limo.)

I'm in Indianapolis this week for work, soaking up the knowledge and expertise at a premier philanthropy conference. I had gotten my hopes up because I heard about this zip line that you could take throughout downtown Indy. (Video!) You could zip line through the city. WHAT?! Apparently, though, that was only available during the Superbowl season. I am incredibly disappointed. If you have any tips of things to check out during my free time in Indianapolis, leave them for me in the comments, on FB or on Twitter

So far, I've managed to take an accidental hour and forty five minute walk around the IUPUI campus and downtown Indy and go for a run at precisely the moment it started raining. Sooo, I need a little guidance. I will say that Indianapolis seems like a pretty sweet city. Just need a few suggestions, if you have them.

Oh, and hey, I wrote this Soapbox piece for All Over Albany on why I think the Colonie Center mall location for the new Whole Foods sucks. Check it out, if you'd like. Join in the controversy that I seem to have struck and, if so inclined, name call a little in the comments. (Just kidding, don't do that. Sure is getting saucy over there though! Either way, I will just read what you've said and giggle while eating the delicious burrito I picked up on the way back from my run in the rain. Gracias!)

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  1. Hey! I don't like what some of those people are saying about you! You make plenty of sense AND you are not a dummy. If people actually knew anything about you, they'd know what an incredibly smart and thoughtful lady you are.

    Have fun in Indy! I have absolutely zero idea what's out there... good luck!


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