14 May 2012

indy in photos

Layover. Trippy walkway complete with New Age music.
A trippy light show during my layover in Detroit.

As you know, I was in Indianapolis for most of last week on business. Here are a few photos I snuck when I wasn't soaking up the knowledge at The Center on Philanthropy. (If you are in the charitable giving field and are looking for some training, this place is absolutely worth your time. Email me for details.)

  Bike lockers! Keep them safe & out of the elements. 
Bike lockers! Lock 'em up and keep 'em out of the elements.

Canal run. 
On the advice of a friend who went to college in Indianapolis, I went running on the gorgeous canal path that winds through the city. It really was one of the nicest running spots I've been to. You go past museums, historical sites, fountains and...

I love a good pair of unexpected wooly mammoths.
Wooly mammoths! It's perhaps a little known fact, but I have a major affinity for wooly mammoths and mastadons. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to come across these two guys on my run.

War memorial from last night's fro-yo walk.
World War II Memorial.

  Eggplant parm & local beer. Eggplant parm & local beer.


And an uneventful (translation: good) flight home. I've had the good fortune to have traveled on business a bit over the past few years and I almost always really enjoy it. It's nice to get a quick break from your routine and connect with other people doing good work in their communities. These trainings and conferences reinvigorate me with new ideas and strategies and reaffirm how happy I am to be in this business... the business of connecting good people to a cause that I am passionate about. And occasionally, you also spot a few wooly mammoths. It's a good deal.

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