11 June 2012

fresh from the farm, weeks I & II

'Ello! Well well, lots to catch up on. One of us (not this one) ran a really long race, we moved all of our stuff down three flights of stairs into a new apartment and our work lives have both been super crazy. We recently had one of the longest runs of take-out dinners in our history of eating dinner together and still, as of the writing of this post, there are boxes strewn about everywhere.  More about all of that later.

Guess what else happened? Our CSA season began! This year, we are proud CSA members of Denison Farm, based in Schaghticoke, NY. You may remember Justine Denison from my interview with her on the CSA episode of the FSC Podcast. (Speaking of, Episode 4 is available now and it's all about urban farming! Add that to the list of things I worked on in the middle of unpacked boxes!)

Our wonderful farm for our first CSA season, Kilpatrick Family Farm, suspended their "South of the Twin Bridges" delivery program for the year to make some tweaks, but our sadness was offset by the wonderful opportunity to join up with Denison! They are a small farm running a large CSA program and we are really excited to be a part of it this season. We are already two weeks into it and now that our kitchen is mostly unpacked, we're ready to cook up a storm.

What have you been up to? Anyone else belong to a CSA this season? Anyone else move apartments? Who wants to come over and have a drink on our new back deck? I'll be back soon to talk about the move and how someone ran a long race during our moving weekend. We are all about complicated timing of major life events here :)


  1. Woot Woot! Congrats on all the big events and good luck to you! Can't wait to come have a drinky-drink on your new porch :)

  2. We should have a deck party... swap? Cant wait to see your new place and have you guys come see ours :)

  3. This look really fresh ! Vegetable always rocks !


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