27 June 2012

fresh from the farm, weeks III & IV

The CSA continues! Lots of greens and a few other colors sneaking in here. We've been eating salads non-stop and throwing veggies around the kitchen with glee.

I will never tire of seeing bright rainbow-colored swiss chard in my fridge. Aren't the colors crazy? Perfect for a nice swiss chard quiche, but really most of these veggies would do well surrounded by egg, cheese and pie crust, wouldn't they? Spinach is always a welcome sight- it's one of our favorite greens. We weren't getting through the broccoli quick enough so I chopped, blanched and froze it for future enjoyment. How about that beautiful bundle of lavender?! A nice surprise from a neighboring farm of Denison. We've just hung ours upside to dry for lavender tea and to serve as a nice decoration in the meanwhile.

UPDATE: It turns out those aren't turnips, but strange little white radishes. Surprise!


  1. I wish I could just do a "through Jun" CSA, as I never get my garden in soon enough to really have fresh produce until July. Hoping to weed, fertilize and mulch this weekend, hopefully it gives the garden a boost!


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