26 June 2012

strawberry wrangling

Untitled A few weekends ago we picked a heap of strawberries. The season had peaked near us already and most of the u-pick farms were mostly out, so we took a short drive to the Berkshires where their cooler temps meant more strawberries. Mountain View Farm had a nicely organized u-pick operation and we efficiently grubbed around for 20 pounds of strawberries. We cooked them. We ate them straight up. We brought them places and made other people eat them too.

We made strawberry shortcake with homemade lemon poppyseed shortcake, fresh homemade whipped cream and gooey sugary berries.

I made jam and canned it! By my side were Ashley English's Canning & Preserving book from her Homemade Living series and Alana Chernila's The Homemade Pantry (check out our FSC podcast to hear an excerpt of Alana's talk at the May FSC Food Swap!). For the next batch, I'll also be armed with my new copy of Food in Jars from Marisa of the blog by the same nameThe way someone in this apartment goes through jam, I'm sure two days of work will be used up in no time. At least it's appreciated.

Shortcake time.
We froze a few, made strawberry syrup and milkshakes with the rest.

Have you picked strawberries this season? Would you rather have someone else pick the berries for you? Yeah, I understand that. We were pretty efficient and quick about it, but even so I started to remember how berry-picking usually sounds a bit more romantic than it actually is when your knees are creaking and your shoulders are sunburnt and the mosquitos are out. Still, I am on a berry-picking mission this summer and I can't be deterred. Unless there are bears. Bears will deter me.


  1. You are most welcome to try our favorite berry spots in the Berkshires. For blueberries we like a farm in Chesterfield but for raspberries and blackberries, nothing beats a wild location we know of in Hinsdale. There are bears around but if we all go together, they can't possibly eat all of us.

    1. Let's hope our group is intimidating enough to ward off those bears :)


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