18 July 2012

fresh from the farm, weeks v, vi & vii


Catching up on our CSA bounty!

Week V (6/27) was overwhelming. Look at those leafy greens! Look at all of those godforsaken leafy greens! It was a nonstop salad party over here, with several mornings of fresh green juice each week and we still barely got through them. Oh, the troubled life we lead. The pickling cucumbers got pickled into three garlicky dill jars full. Which I'm hoping I will like, because I'm still working on the pickle thing.

Week VI (7/4). No produce box to show you because we rode our bikes to the CSA pickup and loaded our backpacks full of fresh veggies. When I saw another head of arrowhead cabbage staring up at me, plus a head of Chinese cabbage, I knew it was time to give some away. So I gave one away to a co-worker and set about the cabbage wrangling. We made a really nice slaw with it. (Doesn't that sentence sound sad?) But really, it was a nice slaw. Shredded cabbage, diced mango, diced serrano pepper dressed with Vegenaise and a few shakes of red wine vinegar. The beets? Why we made beet & brown rice burgers! They are really so delicious, I hope you'll try them soon. A remaining head of cabbage was chopped up and cooked up Indian-style, with lots of curry spices and some sauteed onion and served over brown rice.

Week VII (7/11). Ah, the color returns to our produce! Tomatoes! Delicious! Of course, we ate most of these up raw but also put a few slices on sandwiches, including tempeh BLTs and pesto, mozzarella & tomato sandwiches. The swiss chard has been sauteed up with quinoa, baked into a quiche and added to pasta salad with some of the squash. The zucchini was lightly breaded and toasted in the toaster oven, as a last-ditch hope of not heating up the kitchen too much on these 90 degree days. Eating cucumbers were eaten, pickling cucumbers were made into one pint of bread and butter pickles. The beets are sliced and awaiting their final destiny as oven-baked beet chips.

And those are the vegetables of the last few months. I will try to stay a bit more timely with these posts so they actually match the harvest. If you haven't already, check out the latest From Scratch Club podcast. It's all about sustainably and ethically raising animals... for food. A mighty fine topic for someone who rarely eats any meat at all to host! But that's a testament to how important it is to explore all of the sides of the issue, whether you eat meat or not. Take a listen.

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