23 August 2012

fresh from the farm, weeks VIII, IX, X & XI

I know you have been just dying to see our veggies the past month or so. I can't believe I've fallen so far behind! How empty your afternoons at work must be when you can't check in and see a box full of vegetables here on a regular basis. For that, I apologize. I've been working hard, playing hard and busy hanging out by the ocean, running through mud and rocking out to boy bands from my childhood on the weekends. Oddly enough for a blogger, I've also been working at staying away from my computer and phone as much as I can handle it. I'm not always successful, but I'm trying not to be glued to technology.

Without further suspense, here are the veggies from the past five weeks. FIVE WEEKS of PRODUCE, people!

(7/18) Ooh, this sweet corn got grilled right in its husk and turned into a mayo-y, spicy, tangy Mexican Street Corn. We also grilled up the peppers with goat cheese and made kebobs out of the onion. Lettuce went on vegan BLTs and other such sandwiches and sometimes was torn into big salads.

(7/25) Veggiepalooza. Tomatoes! Funky carrots! So many cucumbers!

(8/1) We were out of town on our mini-vacay for this pickup, so Sister generously grabbed and stored our veggies for us in exchange for a melon and a few ears of corn. Fairest trade in the world. Cucumbers were pickled, squash was eaten in ten different ways, swiss chard was sautéed with eggs and peppers were chopped up for salads and sandwiches.

(8/8) I sliced up these little eggplants along with some leftover summer squash, breaded them and baked 'em as part of an easy dinner for my mom and sister. The watermelon served as a perfect summer dessert. Cucumbers continued to be turned into pickles. Tomatillos miraculously became salsa verde one night while I was out and Chris was home. Those carrots were transformed into a favorite carrot slaw recipe with raisins, walnuts and coconut.

(8/15) So many tomatoes! Lots of these went into a batch of delicious tomato jam. It didn't set as firmly as I'd like, but I still can't wait to tear into those jars. Tomato jam has become an unexpected new favorite of mine. I used the same Food in Jars recipe as last year, but this time it was even better because I've now met and learned from Marisa of Food in Jars! More about that soon :)


  1. Wowie! Sounds like you had a lot of deliciousness come your way in the past few weeks. Much of my garden got fried with the early drought/heat wave we had, so I'm missing out on a lot of what you received (onions, carrots...) until at least October.

    If you have a problem with getting your jam to set next time, try adding one green apple that's been peeled, cored, and grated. It won't add any flavor, necessarily, but it will give a very pectin-y punch.


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