20 August 2012

warrior love

Warrior Dash! I've been wanting to sign up for this muddy, obstacle race for a few years and this year we finally made it. Two Sundays ago, we drove down to Windham for a day of mud. I was worried about climbing the walls. I pictured myself crying, or perhaps stuck at the top in a compromising position while everyone laughed at me. And I wouldn't even have Richard Gere there to cheer me on. As it turns out, I was a godforsaken spider monkey up those walls but a pathetic walker up the rest of the mountain. I hadn't really thought about how the course was set on a ski mountain. The entire first mile was straight up the slopes. That was by far the hardest part of it. It was just an ocean of over-excited weekend runners huffing and puffing. Except for the guy I brought with me. At one point he was the only one near us trotting up a muddy incline and the girl next me was all, "What the HELL?!" and I was like, "Ugh, I know..." and totally pretended I didn't know that fast guy who was making us look bad.

The mud pits, barbed wire, water cannons, rope bridges, warrior walls & flames were easy. Sort of. 

Anyway, we got super muddy and then wore our warrior hats and sat out in the sun for a few hours. I tossed my old, muddy sneaks onto this gigantic donation pile.

It may not sound like fun to everyone, but once I got my uphill breathing under control, it was really a blast. A gigantic muddy playground for grown-ups. I highly recommend you check out a Warrior Dash near you, either as participant or spectator. It's a sight.


  1. You 2 are ready for Officer's Candidate School.

  2. I still can't believe you did this AND had a blast! Good for you!


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