24 October 2012

making yogurt

Months ago, I scored this vintage yogurt maker at the Habitat ReStore. I braved skepticism and jeers and proudly walked out of the office with a $3 appliance and promptly put it to good use.

Coincidentally, the first assignment of this round of the FSC Book Club was to choose a recipe from the first two chapters of our assigned book, The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying & Start Making. Lo and behold, yogurt was one of the recipes!

Oh, did I mention that I chose the book? And created the assignments? And moderate the entire FSC Book Club? So maybe this all isn't a coincidence. Maybe you should also join, because it's a whopping good time. We have 90+ members representing ten or so states across the country and we are cooking and chatting our way through Alana Chernila's aweseome book.

I'm way behind in posting my own Book Club assignments. Forgive me. Our assignment this month was to take a photo of our finished product in action.

I know making yogurt scares people. The live cultures, leaving dairy out all night, etc. For better or worse, I'm never too scared to dive into kitchen experimentation. Again, waterbath canning freaks a lot of people out due to botulism and the like. Homemade kombucha gets a dangerous rep. I just follow directions, try to be vigilant during the process and hope for the best. I'm still alive so far, yes?

Conclusion: making yogurt is pretty easy. You basically just heat up milk, cool it, add in culture & incubate. The heating and cooling process, depending on your stove, takes less than an hour. And it's not active prep time, you just need to stand by your stove with a book or your laptop so you can monitor the thermometer every few minutes. Have a drink. Relax. The incubation can be done in: A) your awesome $3 vintage yogurt maker; 2) your awesome brand-new yogurt maker; D) your crockpot, or; IV) a mason jar, either in a warm oven or wrapped up in a blanket in a warm corner of your house.

Join the FSC Book Club in our crazy kitchen tomfoolery. Our HQ is over at Goodreads, but you can also follow along at From Scratch Club's blog or on our FSC Book Club Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I've never attempted making yogurt, but maybe I'll give it a try now. Did your yogurt turn out creamy? I'm really trying to like yogurt, but the consistency sometimes gets to me.

    1. I never knew there was such thing as a yogurt maker, where did you get it?

    2. See above, I got mine used at my local Habitat ReStore. Yogurt makers are pretty easy to find on Amazon or other kitchen stores.

  2. I also want to know if there’s a yogurt maker, if that thing exists, I’ll definitely buy one. I’m sure my long island dietician would be happy that I’m pursuing the diet plan that she had given me.

  3. I've always wanted to make my own mix of yoghurt at home. They say it's actually healthier to make you own because you can make it to what suits your health preferences.


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