08 November 2012

scoby reunion

Two really great things happened this week. One happened on Tuesday evening when we re-elected our president. The other happened a few days before at the From Scratch Club food swap.

Last spring, my original kombucha scoby died. Yes, the mother starter culture for my fermenting experiments. It was compromised, contaminated somehow, and grew mold. Out it goes. I have been scoby-less since that time.

A few weeks ago, I tried to grow my own from storebought kombucha using these and these instructions. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I was still scoby-less. I wasn't planning on swapping anything at the food swap, but at the last minute I grabbed a jar of tomato jam and a jar of bread and butter pickles from our pantry, just in case someone had a scoby to swap. We used to see more of them at food swaps, but I don't think I have seen one up for grabs in months. Many many months. So the odds seemed low. I knew it was a stretch.

But then! An adorable mother/daughter team walked in holding the most glorious, absolutely disgusting-looking scoby. It was in a ziplock bag with kombucha, flopping around on top of a paper plate. I wanted it. So I stalked them until they swapped with me. Well, I hope I was more gentle and non-threatening than that, but either way they graciously swapped me their scoby for a jar of my tomato jam. That is the magic of food swaps, my friends!

A new episode of the FSC Podcast is available for your listening pleasure! We interview the wonderful Alana Chernila and are bringing all of her food & writing wisdom, directly to you.


  1. Great news! Happy fermenting :)

  2. HEY! You're back...how did miss this? You look great! Absolutely loving the food pics...


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