28 March 2013

i'd like to write

As I plunge deeper into my career and continue to wade through my late twenties and everything that comes with the territory, I've been doing a lot of writing. I'd love to start sharing some of that here:  thoughts on careers and on balance and authenticity; on being a whole, complex person and embracing that wherever you are; on leadership and accepting new challenges; on being unafraid, confident and unapologetic. Thoughts on all of these things but also on everything else you expect here: juice cleanses, knitting projects, podcasts and kombucha, to name a few. Maybe it will resonate with you, maybe you'll skip some posts, maybe the most traffic I get will still be for my posts on cutting and growing out pixie cuts. (Speaking of, I do have short hair again so that's coming up here soon.) These broad topics are the ones I find myself reading and talking about lately, so that's where I'm headed with my writing. I've always figured myself to be an essayist and this space seems like just the place to bring those musings into the daylight.

This is how we do coffee. A beautiful Bennington Potters mug and the pour-over method. It's zen and simple and has the added bonus of looking great on Instagram. Lately we've been making a habit of happy hour coffees at home on Fridays, and I look forward to it all week.


  1. Exciting! BTW, wasn't it pretty cool of your parents to have the intuitive response when you were born to give you a writer's name? You have been an amazing writer literatlly since you could hold a pencil. :)

  2. You are a great writer. I look forward to reading!

  3. I feel very much the same as you. I have just found your blog (funnily enough through the pixie cut series), but so far I love it and look forward to reading more. Can't wait to see your short hair again!


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