20 March 2013

oh atlanta

I spent most of last week down in Atlanta for Habitat for Humanity's National Affiliate Conference. It's the same conference that I presented at a few years ago. The difference that two years makes! In 2011, I attended by myself as a presenter and as a Board member. Our local Habitat affiliate was building a few houses a year. Last week, in 2013, I attended as my affiliate's Director of Development and traveled to Atlanta with seven of my colleagues. Last year, we built ten homes and broke ground on nine more. This year we will complete at least fifteen homes and break ground on an additional twenty. Things are changing, friends, and it is exciting.

I'm lucky that my position is one that constantly requires me to keep an eye on our larger mission, on why we build. Even though I tell this story to others on a daily basis, gatherings like the national conference still offer such an important reminder of the big picture. I returned feeling inspired and well-equipped and ready for action. I also returned feeling totally gushy about my coworkers and the opportunity we have to do important work with people we really like.

And now for a few non-conference photos from Atlanta :)

I went for a windy, wandering run through Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta.

A few of us stayed an extra day to soak up the southern sunshine and Mexican food.

A fancy blue tropical drink while we watched Atlanta spin by us in the circular, revolving Sun Dial Bar and lounge.

I'm thinking of reformulating things around here, adding a few bits and generally revamping this blog's mission statement. If 2012 was a banner year for major life changes, then 2013 is the year of settling into new roles and plunging ahead fearlessly. Stay tuned.

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