19 April 2013

this week

4.09 miles for those impacted at the 4:09 hour mark in Monday's Boston Marathon.

There is nothing presently to say about the events in Boston this week, either those past and those continuing to unfold. My heart aches and I wring my hands, at once trying to absorb all of the news I can while also distancing myself in order to stifle my growing anxiety. Like so many of you out there, I feel paralyzed by this violence and the fear. I want to find a way to acknowledge the heartache and destruction, to honor the heroes and the acts of kindness, to recognize the terror that people all over the globe face every day, to not allow the presence of suffering elsewhere to diminish anyone's particular suffering because suffering and hardship is not a contest with a winner, to not jump to conclusions, to be informed but not obsessed, to be kind and fair, to seek peace, to deal with anger and fear and shock in ways that promote love not resentment, to be silent and thoughtful, to speak out with light and hope, to find a path through these contradictions that can help make us whole again.

In the absence of anything concrete to do, I will be sending as much healing energy out into the universe as I can. I will run a half marathon this Sunday with the Boston Marathon in my heart. I will think before I speak and try not to fuel the fear-based frenzy creeping in the media and online worlds. I will pray for peace.

Also- "If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon."

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  1. Healing energy, prayers and thoughts are sometimes all we have to offer. By your thoughtful words and the way you choose to lead your life you are making a positive difference in this world.

    Keep on rocking...


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