20 May 2013

jars, jars, jars

Chris was away over the weekend and one of the tasks I put on my to-do list was to figure out a place to store all of our jars. I've been told there are just too many of them. These aren't even all of the jars, just a sampling. How surprised he would be to come home to a tamed and organized jar collection! How he would swoon! We would laugh together and talk about how efficient I am and how thoughtful my organization strategy was and how I'm nothing like those hoarders you hear about on reality shows.

I'm pretty sure that when we talked about paring down the jar collection, though, it wasn't supposed to involve buying new jars to add to the collection.

How could I resist these limited edition, vintage-style commemorative embossed pint jars from the Ball American Heritage Collection?! I couldn't and you wouldn't have been able to either.

When I see memes like this one, from Handmade Ryan Gosling, float around... it really hits home.

When I wasn't buying new jars to help me organize my existing jar collection, I spent some time dancing in the kitchen to Brown Bird's newest album, practicing my very shaky yoga handstands and forearm balances and sipping margaritas.


  1. Hmmm... something similar happened to us too.

  2. Oh boy can I relate... I think you should fill those jars with the upcoming season’s bounty and have that crafty woodworker build you a beautiful hutch to display your collection!!


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