19 June 2013

flowers all the time

I'm on this flower kick. I just have to have beautiful flowers near me whenever possible. I blame it on our engagement, actually. Since we were only engaged for three months before getting married, we wanted to celebrate it as much as possible in the short window that we gave ourselves. To that end, I implemented two celebratory guidelines:

1. Buy fresh flowers every week.
2. Drink champagne often.

Those were two of the best ways I knew to make those exciting months of planning our wedding even more special. Each week, Chris or I would pick up a bouquet of flowers for the apartment. I believe I developed a dependency on them.

See? Those are my beautiful wedding flowers. I loved them so much that I brought them with me in a vase on our little honeymoon trip through Vermont.

I had seen flower CSAs offered through local farms before, but I didn't take the plunge other years because we have been tied up with either vegetable or bakery CSAs for the past several seasons and I thought that maybe flowers would be pushing it.

Then a few weeks ago I stumbled across a tiny flower farm with a brand-new CSA called Flower Scout. You could sign up for as little as a month, so that's what I did. Each week in June, I pick up a new bunch of beautiful flowers. Sigh. This past weekend, a friend cut me some roses from her garden so I spruced up a withering bouquet with them to keep the love going.

I don't know when I became such a flower person, but it's been full steam ahead the past year or so. Our deck and yard are too shaded for most flowers to grow, but we've managed to keep a number of shade plants and some begonias alive, which at least is something.

Flowers everywhere! Flowers all the time!

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  1. Nothing compares to a bouquet of flowers to brighten my day. Bring on the flowers!


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