06 June 2013

get outside & run

That's what I tell myself often. Get outside and run. I don't always follow that advice, but I do try to. There are weeks when it is much easier, where I am called to put on my sneakers and hit the pavement and then there are days when that seems the most insane option. But I always feel better after a run. I never regret a run. Yesterday was National Running Day, so I treated myself to a solo mini-road trip to a local family-friendly, perfectly mowed and landscaped park where I could run around on paved trails with the smell of charcoal grills and sunscreen filling the air. A change of pace can help dramatically. Even though it took me as long to get there & back as it did for me to run, it was still a nice switch-up from my usual running routine.

On days that I don't feel like running, sometimes I will trick myself into saying, "Well, just run once around the block," or "Try a mile and see how that goes." Or sometimes I'll even just tell myself that I'm heading out for a nice walk instead. Most of the time, those trick me into running for at least 30 minutes. Enough to get the heart pumping and the legs warmed up.

So in case you think that getting out the door and running is always effortless for Everyone Else, let me be a reminder that it's not always easy to get going. Sometimes, you just need to curl up on the couch and stare into middle distance. But once you do get going, it will always feel better. Unless you twist an ankle, then you will probably feel worse.

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