17 July 2013

west coast postcard no. 1, san francisco

We spent a total of three nights in San Francisco:  one when we first flew in and then two more nights later on in the trip. Not much time to explore such a big and famous city, but we did what we could.

After checking into our hostel, we walked around downtown and eventually took a streetcar down to the piers to see what was cooking for Fourth of July. Because yes! We celebrated Independence Day this year right on the Bay. We decided that it would be fantastic to watch the fireworks from the water. Doesn't that sound nice? So we signed up for a Fireworks Cruise that travelled around the bay for awhile before anchoring down to enjoy the light show. We spent the evening sipping beer and wine out of plastic cups and oohing and ahhing with the rest of 'em.

A few days later, when we returned to San Francisco after an excursion down the coast, we checked into another hostel and ate leftovers in our room while reading and watching episodes of The Office. Because sometimes you just need to do that. We began the next day with a 7.3 mile run through Presidio Park and over the Golden Gate Bridge! It was nice and cool, perfect running weather. Running over the bridge was awesome, obviously, but also really loud and a bit unnerving. A thing to have done, but not something I would make a habit of in the future.

We explored the city, eating lunch in Chinatown, shopping at the Ferry Building Marketplace and relaxing with Blue Bottle Coffee by the bay. Even though I looked at the weather before we left, I was still totally caught off guard by how cool and windy the Bay Area was! I brought way too many summer dresses and far too few pants and sweaters. Still, with all of the sunshine and the reprieve from New York heat and humidity, we weren't complaining.

We even stopped in to visit The Beat Museum, which had been on my list of must-dos since we started planning this trip! I wish we had stopped in at more of Jack Kerouac's local haunts, but we'll save that for next time. After all, I do owe him credit for this blog's name. We made another quick stop at to see some of the Full House icons, better known as SF's Painted Ladies.

For dinner we followed the recommendation of a guy from our hostel and stuffed ourselves to the brim with Turkish food, leaving just enough room for two very fancy drinks downtown. The next morning we woke up, made some avocado toast and were on the road again.

In between our San Francisco stays, we drove down the California coast to the most magical place I've ever been:  Big Sur.


  1. There's an old saying that goes "I spent the coldest summer of my life in San Francisco."

  2. Great post! I'm having a vicarious vacation thanks to you. Looking forward to each segment!


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