23 July 2013

west coast postcard no. 3, our yurt!

Treebones Resort. We arrived there a little before dinner time, having prepared ourselves for the possibility that it wouldn't live up to the photos or the glowing reviews we'd read. That was an entirely unnecessary exercise. Walking up to an off-the-grid, environmentally-conscious, family-owned and multi-generational-run independent yurt community was everything we had hoped for. We couldn't stop grinning at each other and one of us couldn't stop throwing down spontaneous celebratory dance moves. Chris said it reminded him of a little hobbit community. To which I replied, "Totally, except everyone knows that hobbits live in underground tunnels built into hillsides." But seriously, it was perfection.

Yurts are tent-like round structures with wood lattice frames. They originated as temporary, nomadic homes in Central Asia. Ours was nice and spacious, with a redwood deck and pine floors. French doors opened out and that cute little dome top (above) could be cranked open for a little breeze. Add in a gas fireplace and a sink that brought us fresh coastal mountain water from their own aquifer and you pretty much have everything you need.

 This place is roll-your-eyes-but-completely-fall-in-love eco-friendly. They "perch lightly" on the land with recycling, composting, vermiculture, on-site organic gardening, totally off the grid with recycled heat exhaust, solar power, blah blah blah. Their water comes from their own aquifer. I mean, come on! And! If it wasn't already just too awesome... they donate their old appliances and building materials to Habitat for Humanity.

Our first night we walked up to Wild Coast, the on-site restaurant, for a glorious dinner. A shared beet salad appetizer, yellow tofu curry and forbidden rice and a mushroom risotto, all garnished with edible organic flowers. SQUEAL. Afterwards we walked back to our yurt, wrapped blankets around ourselves and sat by our fireplace and read. Is that not perfect? I, of course, read Keroauc's Dharma Bums (second or third time through it), with excerpts from his Big Sur popping in here and there.

In fact, we spent much of the next afternoon at our yurt, reading and daydreaming on the deck. There's something about the ocean, this part of the Pacific, that sets you free. It's not peaceful in the way that a lazy afternoon down in the Southeast might be, or even a weekend spent on beautiful Cape Cod, but it sure lulled me into a wonderful mindplace. Fresh coastal mountain air does a person good.

The second night of our stay we wandered up to the on-premises sushi bar and ordered edamame, cucumber salad and a few beers to start. Then we proceeded to order more sushi than anyone should, spreading dinner out over several hours before finally moving outside to share some hot sake and date pudding. I mostly ordered vegetable sushi but even tried a bit of tuna and crab sushi. I know, folks, absolute insanity.

Did I mention that Treebones has a human nest? Well it does. It's a small built seating area and is reserved for one of the non-yurt campsites. We managed to sneak a peak at it though, even though we couldn't climb up there.

I had to do a little yurt yoga, of course. In the mornings I stretched out on the deck or inside by the fireplace and then for fun, added in a headstand before we left. Nothing like a headstand on the deck of your ocean-view yurt. Chris & I agree that the place almost had a retreat-like feel. It was a place brimming with spirit and beckoning you to unwind, yes, but maybe also to dig a little deeper and explore. To get introspective before dozing off for a pre-dinner nap.

Sigh. I am so in love with these yurts, but alas, we must move on to the rest of the trip. After our yurt in Big Sur, we went back up to San Fran. I've already told you about that town, so next up is our jaunt through the Redwoods and then we'll finish with a special few days in Portland. 

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  1. My mother and I just stayed there last week. Isn't it lovely? Did you go to Jade Cove? We had so much fun beach-combing and relaxing in the hot tub while looking out at the humpback whales in the ocean.

    1. So lovely! Yes, we went trail running at Jade Cove :) I wrote about it in my Big Sur recap.

  2. Dreamy! The big guy and I have this on our bucket list thanks to you. You know how much George wants a YURT.

    I have always loved the idea of creating a travel journal, but I've let too many other non-pressing things get in the way. Thank you for sharing yours! Vicarious thrills for me every step of the way. xox


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