03 July 2013

west coast!

This 4th of July, we are climbing aboard an early morning flight to San Francisco and we aren't coming back for ten days. Ten days! How luxurious! We'll be bopping around San Fran, Big Sur, the Redwoods, Oregon coast and good ol' Portland for our summer vacation. It's also our first big vacation as married folk, which is romantic. I can't wait to soak up the West Coast love and all it has to offer.

NY > San Francisco > Big Sur > SF (again) > Redwoods > Eureka, CA > Oregon coast > Portland > NY

Do you have any recommendations for us? We're only in each place a few days at most, but we would love a few tips of must-see places. I'll stop in here when I can and you can follow me on Instagram too :)

PS- It's not a proper trip unless you've stopped at AAA and loaded up on maps and tour books, am I right?


  1. Hi Christine - FSC participant and first time commenter! I think you would really enjoy the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. It's a hard place to describe, but it's a gorgeous setting on the coastal cliffs, and you can stay there for classes. They are well known for their natural hot springs carved right into the cliffs, and you can get massages there under outdoor canopies. Be warned: the hot springs are clothing optional, and most people opt out! Still, it is super relaxing, and I think you would enjoy it.


  2. My FAVVVV pizza place is in Sanfran! If your in the area, corner of Union and Stockton, you must taste Tony's Pizza Napoletana! I would send you some pics of the pizza, but there is no way to upload it on here :)

    Cheers and enjoy your vacation!



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