27 August 2013

stealing vegetables

You may have noticed by now, but we didn't sign up for a CSA this year. We just couldn't handle it. After two fantastic years with two fantastic local farms, it was tough to bow out of the farm share universe this summer. But times are busy and we longed for a bit more freedom in our culinary adventures. In the same way that a huge box of fresh veggies can set you free in the kitchen, it can also tie you down if you aren't in the right mindset. Do you know what I mean? We wanted to eat out occasionally and not feel the wrath of the produce from its crisper drawer prison. So we decided to skip it for this year, make more regular appearances at farmers markets and re-evaluate next summer.

But! Someone we knew let us steal their CSA share when they were on vacation. I'd forgotten how incredible it is to pick up a box of produce and see all of these fresh, local, organic crops peek out at you. Melons, peppers, chives, bok choy, lettuce, green beans, spinach, corn, tomatillos and tomatoes! It was a feast! We made veggie tikka masala with the peppers and green beans, roasted other green beans to eat with sliced tomatoes, made fresh salsa, stir fried the bok choy and are freezing the cantaloupe in hopes of making sherbet this week. Stolen veggies!

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