13 August 2013

summer desserts

We've been on a little dessert kick lately, but it's not our fault. The fresh fruits are making us do it. The other night we fired up our charcoal grill and set to work grilling corn, tomato, onion and peppers, then putting all of them on a pizza crust with a bit of fresh mozzarella and grilling that! Not one to waste hot charcoals, Chris figured that we better slice up a few peaches and grill them too. How can you resist grilled peaches with berries and vanilla ice cream? You cannot resist it, that's how.

How about strawberry shortcake? With homemade shortcake? I just use the recipe from my red and white plaid Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. It's too good. Strawberry shortcake is fleeting- the best strawberries are local and those aren't available where we are for much of the year. So when the berries and peaches are ripe, that is when you must buy them up and eat them up. Eat them everyday. Make yourself positively sick from too much shortcake and grilled peaches and fresh berries in your yogurt. Go crazy. Embrace the summer bounty and get a little bit decadent. Not all dessert is a "cheat meal" or a moment of weakness. Pick or buy sweet fruit. Get the best ice cream. Enjoy it consciously and without guilt for a change.

If you need help with this new line of thinking, please read this beautiful post by the wonderful Alana Chernila. It's beautiful and wise and right on the mark.

What's your favorite summer dessert? I don't see how it gets much better than these, unless you figure out a way to add in a bit of chocolate. That's what I'll do next time- add a tiny handful of dark chocolate chips on top.

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