24 October 2013

chalkboard paint & spice jars

Almost a year ago actually, I finally got around to painting little rectangles of chalkboard paint onto my spice jars. Sometime last fall I was refreshing our wedding countdown chalkboard and decided to paint our spice jars too. There was no real purpose. They were already labeled. I just like looking at them with their chalkboard surface and sloppy cursive handwriting. Only about half of our spices are in these jars, the rest are shoved in our cabinets in their ugly containers.

I was originally inspired by these posts here and here, way before Pinterest was even a twinkle in anyone's eye. See? Even before Pinterest we were all scouring the internet for cute but not-entirely-important craft projects.

I think I'll slap a few coats of paint on some of my food storage jars too. To throw a wrench in the labeling plans, though, I should note that I just bought a label maker. Yep, those little machines that crank out ugly labels that people use to label their silverware drawer or refrigerator shelves. The great simplify & clean out made me do it. In my defense, the label maker has a lot of fonts and I am also using clear tape instead of white, so I don't think the labels it prints are that aesthetically offensive. Between that and the chalkboard paint, watch out.

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  1. Ohhhh, I'm interested to see how the new labels turn out. I might have a few dozen jars that need labels. I like the chalk board labels, too. I couldn't figure out how you did that - good tip. :)

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