01 October 2013

simplify, september update

It was ambitious, I suppose, to peg September as my grand clean-out month. You see, I'm less than two weeks away from running my first-ever full marathon. That means I've been running. A lot. And then recovering from running. And eating enough for running. And reading about running and shopping for cute new running clothes.

But! I have managed to organize my jars and weed through rusty canning lids so that what we have is both useful and more easily accessible. For those of you wondering, no mason jars were harmed or thrown out in this process.

Other victories:
  • I pared down our ever-expanding reusable grocery bag collection. We still have more than we need, but I got rid of the nasty ones or ones that we never really used because they were too small, the handles weren't big enough or they were ugly ones we got for free somewhere. It's a better situation now.
  • One more garbage bag of clothes is ready to be donated, which I think brings me to four or five total bags donated this year. I'm particularly proud of this batch because it includes three tank tops that I always felt really lousy and frumpy in but never thought to get rid of, a pair of ill-fitting corduroys and a pair of old boots that I haven't worn for years. Out they go!

I'm tackling the rest of my junk one room at a time. Up next? Our entryway/living room/sitting area. It's the first place you see when you walk in and also one of the easiest spaces to address, which should give me a sense of accomplishment to keep me going.
  • Seasonal switch of coats and jackets, moving some to the downstairs closet and keeping the relevant ones out. Same with the shoe pile and basket of hats, scarves and gloves.
  • Clear out the entryway dresser full of fabric. There is fabric hidden in every corner, and I don't need it all. My goal is to consolidate down to just one bin of fabric, plus one bin of sewing accessories. That's it. I've held onto ugly fabrics in hopes that one day my taste might completely change and I will use them in a home-sewn masterpiece. Not going to happen. I'm going to reclaim this prominent dresser in our entryway for other storage.
  • Create a spot for our keys and a mail inbox system.
  • Clear out bins of miscellaneous cords and old phones and twine. Yes, we have bins full of these things. Why? No clue. 
  • Comb through books and donate those one-time reads that I'll never revisit. 

What room in your home could use a refresher? If you want to follow along with me, take a peek at your entryway and see how you can declutter it and simplify. It's the first room to greet you when you come home-- why not make it a calm and inviting space?

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