01 November 2013

acorn squash soup with celery root & other such things

As I patiently waited last night for trick-or-treaters to ring our doorbell, I set out to make a nice autumnal soup. We were greeted by only a handful of older kids, barely dressed in costume, so I had plenty of time to putz around with some crazy veggies. We came across another CSA box this week and if you know CSAs, you know that you can get some funky produce this time of year. Kohlrabi, I'm looking at you. Celeriac, yep, you are a weirdo.

I riffed off of a recipe from the fabulous Love Soup by Anna Thomas. Her undoubtedly delicious recipe called for kabocha squash and turnips. I had acorn squash and carrots, so I swapped those out.

To make a great soup, you should buy her book. To follow my adaptation, slice an acorn squash in half, scoop out the crap and then roast it on an oiled baking sheet at 400 degrees for about 50 minutes alongside with three peeled and chopped carrots and a peeled and chopped celery root (celeriac). Meanwhile, sauté up a chopped yellow onion with a pinch of salt and rosemary in your big soup pot. Add in the roasted veg, a thinly sliced leek or two and a combo of vegetable broth and water to equal 4-6 cups. Two tablespoons of lemon juice, three spoons of maple syrup and a touch of cayenne rounds it out for a nice 20 minute simmer. Your immersion blender and a quick taste test finishes the job!

For years we lived on a street just a few blocks away, and no one came to our building to trick or treat. Now we live in what we thought was the epicenter of Halloween festivities-- walkable, well-lit, populated with families, well-decorated stoops and front doors-- and still, hardly any trick or treaters. The weather wasn't great, so I'll blame it on that. Meanwhile, I enjoyed this soup with a festive pumpkin pie martini and a crusty French baguette.

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  1. i have that book, too! it's a necessity during fall & winter :) and your version looks just as delish!


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