24 December 2013

my new red hat

I knit myself a new red hat using the Jul Hat pattern by Wiksten. It fits a little big for me, likely on account of the thicker ply yarn I used, which could have been pre-empted by checking my knitting gauge first. But, let's be honest with each other, you guys don't really do that either, do you? Anyhow, people keep calling it my Santa hat which wasn't actually what I had in mind, but oh well.

And here's my contribution to the fashion blog world. A full-on denim outfit, cardigan and worn-out mauve slippers. I expect to see this on the runways soon. Merry Christmas from this floppy hat-wearing elf!

Knitting is one of my attempts to embrace the winter season. It's permission to be sedentary and wonderfully complements a hot toddy or cocoa. The dark winter nights and cold mornings only add to the click clack of the knitting needles and the feel of yarn slipping through your fingers. It's a good way to pass the time. Plus, you have a nice new hat to show for it. So long as there are the winter blues, there will be a lot of handmade hats. 


  1. You look cute in that hat! And, as a matter of fact: "Jul" means Christmas in Swedish. (Wiksten is a Swedish surname, so it all makes sense :)) Happy new year from a devoted reader (from Sweden)!

    1. Ha, I guess this IS my Santa hat in that case! Thanks for the translation :)


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