10 December 2013

the pixie cut series: even shorter

As you know, I grew out my hair last winter and played around with a few different styles before deciding to once again return to the world of pixie cuts. I can't stay away. The pixie cut is so distinctive. Defining. Empowering. At first I left my bangs long and swept to the side. Then I cut it all off.

I remembered my Pinterest board full of super short 'dos from Michelle and Emma and company and decided to crop it. I mean, really crop it. It was the shortest cut I've ever had and it took some getting used to. At least with bangs, you can kind of style them differently depending on the mood and they soften your look a bit. But with super cropped hair, that's it. It's just you, your face and the world.

Out came the big earrings and loud accessories. I really liked my close cropped pixie cut. I felt so cool. So edgy. So rad. But here's the thing with short hair:  even if you look awesome, there are people who will hate it. Who will tell you how much they loved your longer hair. People who will wonder, out loud, when you will get over this phase. They'll ask you what made you cut it so short. (Answer: I wanted to be awesome.) It's ridiculous, but it's reality. And you have to just remind yourself that haters gonna hate.

It's good practice for the rest of life, isn't it? You can't please everyone and you shouldn't even try. Especially with your hair style. Because IT IS JUST HAIR. Just hair. Not a big deal. Who cares? No one.

Except to be honest, I do care. I care about my hair. I care about looking (and feeling) good. That doesn't mean I have to look a certain way, be a certain size or follow a certain trend, but I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and in my body. So when I feel some negative pixie cut energy, I turn that nonsense right off and strut down the street knowing that I'm a badass lady with a badass hair style.

Take the plunge. Cut it off. I'm thinking of letting it get a little long in the front while keeping the back nice and tidy. Reverse mullet. (These photos are all from this summer, when I still had my freckles. My hair is more or less the same right now, but my skin is pasty winter pale.)

The Pixie Cut Series
Part 1: Chopping it all off
Part 2: Rocking the pixie
Part 3: Growing it out An Update- 8 Months Later
& The Asymmetrical Bob, just for fun


  1. i love your pixie cut :) i used the pictures of your last one to show my hairdresser how i wanted mine cut. i went through a similar experience to you, a bit longer of a pixie cut for my first one, then grew it out, now went shorter than ever! thank you for your inspiration!

  2. I love it! Makes me want to chop all my hair off again!

  3. I love it too! In fact, i just had my hairstylist do a bob because i wasn't sure if i wanted to go "full pixie" just yet. But now i'm sold!

    It does shock me when people (mostly men for some reason) feel the need to tell me that they hate my hair when it's short. I never know quite how to respond because i've certainly never told them what i think of THEIR hair (truth be told, i don't i even consider or notice other people's hair all that much).

  4. You look awesome, you were made for this cut! I chopped off my long hair into a pixie early this year (after being inspired by your blog) and although I love it, it is true that some people feel the need to comment on how they prefer my hair long, not sure why..perhaps some underlying jealousy?;)

  5. I love it! I think shorter hair looks amazing on women. Long hair can be so aging. I've had a few pixies and for me the drawback was the lack of hair to keep my head warm while walking the dog in winter. But you are rocking it in style!

    KK @ www.preppypinkcrocodile.com

  6. Very nice haircut : pixie cut is really for you !

  7. I've had short hair for the last 30 years, couldn't imagine having long hair. The only problem this time of year is that my ears get cold!

  8. Your pixie is so-o- o pretty !! Michelle Williams would be envious. Gail

  9. First off, I think your pixie cut looks super cute and you have every right to feel awesome and rock it. Secondly, there will always be critics no matter what you do, the only person you should worry about making happy is you! It takes a ton of confidence and self-assurance for a woman to shed the protection of her hair and that makes some people uncomfortable so they feel the need to critique. Pixie cuts are beautiful and practical - keep spreading the joy!

  10. I stumbled on your blog googling "growing out pixie cut" and started reading it during your 8 month growing out stage and was inspired because I, too, want to start growing out my pixie. Then I click to your present day entries and laughed out loud to see you went back to a pixie. I got the same comments you did when I first chopped my hair short and even more when I stopped coloring it. When I look in the mirror I see someone not afraid to be herself. Do what makes YOU comfortable...pooh on the doubters.

  11. Your hair is awesome!!! I have been dying for a pixie cut for so long... Maybe I should take the plunge!! :)

  12. I cut my hair into a pixie just recently after having it long for 10 years! It was below my shoulders. I wanted to insert photos here, but I don't see a way to do that. :) Anyway, every time I have gone short, including this time, I have had the same experiences as you. The main thing I notice is that women LOVE it and men do not.
    Your hair is super cute in the pixie, by the way. You look great with the bob too, but the pixie is perfect on you!

  13. OMG people told you all those things??? O.o
    it's just hair! and it's not THEIR hair either. I think you look nice and it's so comfortable to have such short hair. can't wait to have someone tell ME any of that crap, they are in for an earful :D

  14. Hi,

    Nice cut and you look gorgeous in this Pixie cut. I would love to try it.



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