03 December 2013

welcoming winter

Did everyone have great Thanksgiving dinners? It landed on my birthday this year, which is fine by me as it guarantees a birthday feast. Chris and I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving bundled up in Vermont during a particularly cold few days to celebrate our one year anniversary of being married. It's nice to have all of these holidays and celebrations to look forward to this time of year, because otherwise it can seem pretty grim to me. A few people cautioned us not to marry in November because it was so close to both of our birthdays and Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I say, the more things I have to look forward to this time of year, the better!

The transition to winter is so hard. I seem to take it as a personal offense, a slap in the face from Mother Nature. One week I was running every day before work with plenty of daylight and comfortable temperatures. The next week it was pitch black and cold. It's tough for me to stay upbeat and adventurous and energized when the days are shorter, colder and grayer. Summertime is easy. You can sit on a stoop with an iced tea and people watch. You can throw on your bathing suit and a pair of shorts and be dressed. Laying in the grass, after dinner walks, margaritas... it's all so easy. But winter is harder, don't you think? Waking up in the dark, coming home from work in the dark. Winter requires that I really celebrate the small moments and cherish the little delights that define the season. I find myself on Pinterest, eagerly scrolling through whimsical photos of thick socks and rosy cheeks and cups of coffee, trying to will myself into enjoying this brutal season. Because I do like parts of winter, the cozy parts and the nights when you lock the doors and lock out the rest of the world. I like knitting on the couch with a cup of tea and lighting candles around the house, just because. I crave this season for pushing me to turn inward and slow down.

Here's to colder temperatures and darker days! To finding new routines and buying light therapy lamps. Tell me, do you have a hard time with the transition? I hope it's not just me!

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