02 January 2014

intentions for the year

Update: I had this post all ready to go for January 1 and then something spectacular happened... my beautiful sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl! My niece, Samantha Catherine, arrived on New Year's Day and has already stolen all of our hearts with her full head of hair and her squishy face. One of my most important intentions for this year is to be the best auntie possible for this little one.


Another new year. Another great chance to set some goals and wild dreams. I know lists of resolutions make some of you anxious. I see why. A list of to-dos staring you in the face, reminding you to always strive to be more, be better. I'd like to look at resolutions as intentions. As grounding reminders of the type of life you'd like to lead, rather than a list of prescriptions to fix your perceived shortcomings. You don't have to be so hard on yourself, you know.

You’re imperfect, and your wired  for struggle, but YOU ARE WORTHY  of loving  AND belonging. -BRENÉ BROWN
Instead of pledging to lose the weight, to stop squandering your money or to be a better spouse, try reframing the goal. Promise to honor your body as the rockin', unbelievable, miraculous vessel that it is and to find a form of exercise that doesn't just get you moving but that really moves you. Vow to spend your money in ways that support and reflect your values, rather than as a way to pass the time or fill a void. When resolving to be a better spouse, remember that you and your partner are both imperfect but both so worthy of love. So take the pressure off yourself, stop trying to fix fix fix and just ease into a new year of possibility and excitement.

Three words for my new year are mindfulness, strength & adventure.

I want to start a regular meditation practice and bring mindfulness into all I do. I want to listen more and I want to write more. I want to reignite my passion for mindful cooking and eating as a way to nourish myself. I want to savor the moments and the seasons as best I can. I want to be mindful but not obsessive! Make good decisions and then once they are made, that's it! Quit the second-guessing. And a big part of mindfulness for me is gratitude, so I will continue to grow my practice of pausing and being grateful.

2014 is the year I cultivate my own strength. I've run my first marathon and surprised myself with my mental toughness. I'd like to become physically stronger too through yoga and tossing around some weights. I want to be a strong wife, friend, family member and leader. Strength in heart and mind, in all areas. Not being boastful or showy, nor bottled up and cold. Just strong. I will know that to be strong, I must also be open and flexible. I will gain strength, but I won't confuse vulnerability with weakness. I will be strong, flexible and wholehearted.

Now I'm not what you would call a big adventurer. I've been known to toss out road blocks and obstacles to adventures:  it's too dangerous, that's too impractical, it's much too expensive. I know I'll continue to do that, because every party needs a lovable curmudgeon, but I want to at least let myself be dragged along on grand and small adventures alike. To know that life is itself an adventure, one with twists and turns and ups and downs and lots of laughter, always. Go with the flow, enjoy the ride, carpe diem and all of that.

Oh, and I'd still like to remember to take my vitamins every day, to run 1,000 miles this year and to drink more water. Happy New Year!

Affirmations & wisdom from some of my faves, top to bottom: Brené Brown, Gabrielle Bernstein, Kathleen Shannon & Danielle LaPorte.

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  1. your writing always motivates me. thank you :)

  2. This is inspirational and helps me think of how I want to reframe my list of of resolutions to avoid a list that usually ends up tinged with self-loathing. Love it - looking forward to a great 2014! Woot!


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