31 March 2014

thanks, gloria

My mom and I met Gloria Steinem. What?! If I didn't have this super blurry, crazy photo you wouldn't even believe me, would you?

Earlier this month, we stood outside in the cold for an hour waiting in line to see Gloria speak as part of the fantastic Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. The topic was “The Progression of Feminism: Where are we going?” Good question, eh? We listened and whooped and nudged each other and soaked up some serious wisdom from a serious role model. Closing in on her 80th birthday, Gloria was just as captivating and well-spoken and inspiring as ever.

She lit a fire in me to write and speak out and advocate. I just need to figure out how to do it. This post was originally nine rambling and far-reaching paragraphs long, trying to cover everything from leaning in to fighting double standards to reclaiming childbirth and whether or not to take your husband's name or how to correct the leadership vacuum in Fortune 50 companies. Maybe a bit too much to tackle in one post? Yes, I think so.

Here's to college internships at feminist organizations, to reminiscing about protest marches in DC, to self-publishing as a feminist act and to Ms. Gloria Steinem. As I continue to voraciously consume essays and articles and books and tweets, I'm re-energized and reactivated.

So thanks for the reminder, Gloria.

If you're interested...
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And a great interview with Gloria from a few years ago

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