20 March 2014

tiny house daydreams

Something strange:  whenever I daydream about homes, they are tiny. Sometimes they are round. Sometimes they are built in the trees, or underground like a hobbit hole. They are often wooded, though sometimes they are adorable urban homes. Sometimes they float. I guess it's no secret that I love houseboats (like this and this) and yurts, but now any tiny little home in an exotic location catches my attention.

As you know, we used to live in a tiny apartment- not even 600 square feet of space. We had a tiny kitchen and our storage situation involved near-daily careful re-organization of stacks and piles and tightly-packed closets. We were anxious for more space and so we are now in a much bigger apartment with two whole floors of square footage to pack with odds and ends.

You may call it nostalgia but I look back on our four years in the tiny apartment with fondness. And so I think, if presented with the chance to live in a houseboat or a yurt or a treehouse... well, I'd be tempted. But first I need to get serious about that simplify & clean-out challenge I started awhile back. It has... stalled a bit.

Photos, top to bottom:  
  1. Tim & Hannah's Affordable DIY Self-Sustainable Micro Cabin from Apartment Therapy, by June Bhongian
  2. ESCAPE, a 400-foot RV that looks like a beautiful cabin in the woods! designed by architect Kelly Davis at SALA, for Canoe Bay Resort (found via Treehugger)
  3. Houseboat in Victoria, BC from this person's Twitter feed
  4. Yurts at Treebones Resort, Big Sur
  5. From this tumblr, I think... all the clicking around couldn't get me to a solid original source, so if this is your photo, let me know :)
Am I crazy? I love having more space at our current apartment and it's possible I'm romanticizing the tiny home thing... some of the photos above are extreme and off the grid and totally ridiculous. Yet... here we are.

Houseboat paradise in Victoria, BC
That time we stayed in a yurt in Big Sur


  1. I don't know what it is about these tiny homes, but I am drawn to them like a magnet. I can't get enough of their images. Yet, when I think about really moving to one, I am stumped. I'm an artist, I need a lot of room for art supplies, as you know. And what about the books and plants. There would not be room for furniture, too. Yet I never tire of staring at these beautiful images and daydreaming. Thank you for this post. It is a wonderful antidote to a cold wintery/spring evening.

  2. I absolutely love tiny houses. One day, maybe... :-)


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