09 April 2014

a case of maple brain

It's springtime, and I've got maple syrup on the brain. Every time I see a sugar maple- or at least, every time I think I see a sugar maple, because I'm not actually a very good tree identifier- I want to tap it. And make maple syrup and put it in an adorable tiny jar and then pour it over a stack of fluffy pancakes. It's an automatic, gut reaction.

Which is an interesting gut reaction from someone who has never tapped a maple tree. I've sort of seen it done, and I've read all of these From Scratch Club posts on it, so I think I'm ready.

Do you have a sugar maple in your yard? Great, let's tap it and produce something like an teaspoon of syrup to share. Right? Doesn't about a thousand pounds of sap equal a teaspoon of syrup? I think that's what I read :)  Anyway, in lieu of this great guerilla maple tree tapping campaign I will be stocking up at the farmers' market, drinking maple coffee and eating maple walnut ice cream. This doesn't bode well for my thoughts on cutting back on sugar, does it? At least it's not refined sugar?

Top photo from Syrup Souvenir Shop Second photo from this blog. Bottom photo of a great t-shirt I found a few years ago.

The only thing better than maple syrup? Maple cream!
Maple-sweetened applesauce
Back to basics with maple sugaring

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