21 April 2014

more portland adventures

Portland, I can't stay away from you. I just took a quick trip out to visit my friend Al in Portland and, my, it's still such a lovely city. Even its typical drizzly weather charmed me this trip. We ate and drank and visited and ran and I fell more in love with that place. Here are a few photos!

Le sigh. We took advantage of a rainy day and road tripped out through the Columbia River Gorge.  The views were... gorge-ous. We spent some time at Maryhill Museum of Art, then wandered over to the Maryhill Winery where we ended up buying a half a case of wine. Seize the moment!

On our drive back, Al took me to Pfriem Brewers in Hood River and I ordered the tastiest veggie burger and cauliflower soup possible.

One less rainy day, I demanded that we stop at the Moberi smoothie cart in his neighborhood so I could give the bike-powered blender a try! I didn't realize until people told me on Facebook and Instagram that this business had been on the show Shark Tank. All the cooler, I guess. If you're wondering, the green smoothie I ordered has now convinced me to put fresh mint in all future smoothies. And juices. And cocktails. Mint everywhere.

As it turns out, most of the photos I took were of my food. I look back at them longingly, just as one might do with photos of actual humans. One morning we had second breakfast (it's a thing) at a neighborhood French bakery called St. Honore Boulangerie. Buttery pain au chocolat and a Normandy apple toast with two coffees to go, please.

My best street-style photos. I'm re-integrating boot cut jeans back into my wardrobe after years of exclusively wearing skinnies. It's going well, so far. Remember when everyone thought skinny jeans were so ugly? I remember thinking, "I will never wear those." And now here I am years later and I'm balking at the idea of wearing bootcut jeans. They feel so floppy around the ankles! Oh fashion.

On my last night, we went to a new French restaurant called St. Jack for a few nibbles and specialty cocktails. Why do salads always taste so much better at restaurants?! In a restaurant, they feel fancy and special. At home, they feel sad. Sure, in the middle of summer with a bustling farmers market you can put together an attractive plate of greens but other times they are the equivalent of having cereal for dinner. Am I right? 

A fantastic mini-vacation and visit to see my dear friend the doc before he moves back to the East coast! We touristed around Columbia gorge, ate great food, dyed Easter eggs, went for rainy and sunny runs and generally yukked it up.  I even got to meet up with the Portland Habitat for Humanity for a little bit. During the same time, Chris was out adventuring in Colorado. In shocking news, he did not take photos. I suppose we will just have to imagine what all of his lunches and dinners looked like. Thanks, Al, for hosting another great Portland getaway and for waking up at 4am to drive me to the airport on Easter Sunday!

That time we drove up and down the West coast & stopped in Portland
I spent a week taking yoga classes, going to concerts & getting my pixie cut trimmed in Portland


  1. your recap and photos make me want to go to portland! i also like the twist at the end. Chris didn't take pictures? whoa- caught me completely off guard :)

  2. Love the feeling that comes across when I read your travelogues. Portland must be amazing. It has been added to my bucket list.

  3. Bike ... powered ... blender? WHAT EVEN! I found your blog because I typed "growing out a pixie cut" into Google. Very happy it has led me here, I love your blog already!

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com


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