18 May 2014

fiddlehead season

A quick PSA to remind you that it's fiddlehead season. So go forage them or, if you're lucky, your local co-op or farmers' market might have some. I had a WEEK at work and yesterday we treated ourselves to a cast-iron skillet full of buttery fiddleheads and shallots. And then a fancy dinner out and a few glasses of rosé for me. But really, the fiddleheads started the whole celebration off on the right path.

This website calls fiddleheads "the succulent stalks of spring". Are you intrigued now? There's also a dynamite microbrewery in Vermont named after these foraged ferns plus one of my favorite pieces of artwork is of fiddleheads, painted by the talented Susan Hartley Himmel, also known as my mom. So go find some fiddleheads before it's too late!

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