25 July 2014

squirrel siege

Squirrels are little jerks. In our last place, we had squirrels in the walls. We had squirrels on our window ledge and squirrels that would violently assault each other right outside our window. In our current apartment, we have a lovely back deck where we keep a few containers of potted plants- mostly decorative, shade-friendly ones. The network of backyards on our block is squirrel paradise. Huge tree branches cross over from yard to yard and it's basically a secret squirrel jungle gym behind these city rowhouses. So these little jerks dig around in our plants. We've tried cayenne pepper and other suggested remedies, but here's the insulting thing: I swear they deliberately mess with whatever is most important to us out there.

For instance, at our newlywed celebration, we gave out little Blue Spruce saplings as favors. Chris warned that if our guests let their trees die, they were letting our marriage die. Harsh, but motivational. So then, out of all the plants we had outside, these squirrels targeted our love tree and ripped it from the pot just to throw it on the ground. Rude. (Marriage is still fine, thanks for asking.)

Then, we decide the only edible we wanted to plant on our very shaded deck this year is mint. For mojitos, you see. The squirrels dug around at first, then left it alone. The other day I suspected our mint was a bit root bound, so I undertook the anxiety-producing task of root pruning to save them. Then what happened, you ask? Those nasty squirrels came back and messed with the mint. Have they no shame?! No respect for the summer mojito?

Discussion question:  Do you think the Albany squirrels are out to get me? Why or why not?

PS- Enjoy the weekend!


  1. We used to be overrun by squirrels until I took executive action.

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