12 September 2014

pixie cut & a look

Short on the sides, party on top. I'm working up courage for a funkier 'do. It's not quite an undercut, but the sides are definitely tight with a really floppy mop on top. Flop mop top, if you will.

My pixie cut is becoming an identifying feature. Although I had a short bob less than two years ago, most people have erased that from their memory and claim to have not seen longer hair on me in years. Decades. Lifetimes! Just as well; I feel so comfortable with short hair that sometimes even I can't remember life before the pixie. I like that it's distinctive, I like that it's a Look.

Do you crave a Look? I always have. I'm fascinated by people with strong Looks. Most people I know get a Look through fashion, by creating a uniform or stylebook of sorts. They are preppy and nautical; rockabilly and retro; punk and edgy. It works for them. They identify through clothes. Or maybe big glasses or red lipstick or whathaveyou. I'm sure we all do this, to an extent, and a quick glance at my Pinterest board will tell you that I'd love to create my own Fashion Look. But most days, I keep it pretty simple. I tend towards basics and have learned to dress my body, including making sure my clothes fit well. For work, you'll find me in tailored pants or dresses with a cardigan on hand. On the weekends, I'm in jeans or leggings. It's consistent, but I don't know that it's a Look.

The pixie cut, it saves me. It's a Look all on its own, even when I'm in my pajamas. (And in the morning, my hair puts on the best case of bedhead you've ever seen.) Add in big earrings, and BAM. Insta-Look. Plus, I've gained entry into the elusive and exclusive club of women with short hair. We check each other out, swiveling to catch the back of your own pixie cut to see how your stylist shaped it. We silently pass off pixie street cred to one another in line for groceries or on the sidewalk or at dinner. We make notes on texture and length and style. We know that we have a Look, and that we are rocking it.

Except... for when we aren't. When the pixie fails us. (In the mornings, after a run or more than a day after our last shower. It can get crazy.)

What's your look? What's your vibe? Hippy chic? Long beachy waves? Arm covered in tattooes? Or is this Look idea so overrated, superficial, irrelevant? 

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  1. love the new cut! I actually came across your blog about a year and half ago when I was searching for my pixie cut inspiration.

    I think I'd classify my look as "simple ladylike" when I leave my house and probably "slightly sloppy" when I'm home! I prefer to wear dresses and nice shoes for work but once I'm home I'm in pj bottoms and a loose tee.

  2. love the flop mop top on you!!! you rock the pixie with the best of them. and i'm guessing there are quite a few ladies out there that print these pics of you for hair inspiration or as as reference for their stylists :)


  3. I follow your blog from France for several months now and I'm very happy to see that you have the same cut than me today!

  4. I JUST got my first pixie after probably almost 18 years of longing for one. I don't regret it one bit, so far it is my absolute favorite cut :) can you post a tutorial on different ways you style your hair? Like, what products you use, which direction to blow dry, etc.? Help some of us new pixies out!


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