14 November 2014

pint glasses, or "where did these all come from?"

Why is it that my demographic that hoards pint glasses? Why do we have so many? We have pint glasses from races, breweries, restaurants and two very special ones from our dear friends' wedding. Our pint glasses took up a whole cabinet shelf. They aren't even our primary drinking glasses, but here they are, filling an entire box and being trucked over to our new home. I imagine other people might also fill boxes to the brim with souvenir shot glasses, but we've avoided that trap so far.

Other things I should have sorted through more but instead am moving with me:

In fairness, though, we've donated something like three garbage bags of fabric and sewing supplies (don't worry, I still have a room full of supplies), four or five bags of clothes, a box of shoes, two boxes of vases (where did they come from?), three boxes of miscellaneous household items, two boxes of books and a straw farmers hat.

If you had to move next week, what things would you find that should have been tossed long ago? Do you still have boxes stashed up from the last time you moved? Any weird collections or hoards hidden in the basement? Do tell, it will help me feel less alone with this junk.

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