11 November 2014

we bought a house!

So the other day, we bought a house! Yowza! It happens to be the cutest house ever. Tudor-style, red door, vines all over it. I can't step inside it without dancing and giggling. I've got some thoughts rolling around the ol' noggin about neighborhoods, homes and moving so the next few weeks are going to be sort of Variations on a Theme around here.

Right after our closing, we drove over to the new homestead with a bottle of champagne and one of us danced right through every room. Then we went to dinner at a now-closer-than-before favorite restaurant for veggie poutine and tomato salad. We even ordered dessert, because that is what you do when you buy a house. You order fancy desserts.


  1. What a sweet beginning to life in your new home. You two couldn't be any more adorable and it looks like your house has as much character and personality as you do!

  2. I recognize that house! I pass it every day and live around the corner. Congrats, it's a beautiful house, and welcome to the neighborhood!


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