30 December 2014

it's the holiday season

Christmas has come and gone! Every year, it seems to pass by so quickly. We prepared for the holiday by blasting Christmas tunes and decorating the house, sipping every variety of egg nog and faux nog you can think of. I do love fully embracing different seasons. If it's Christmastime, then there shall be Christmas music and eggnog. On a hot summer day, you need pitchers of iced tea and mojitos. Birthdays and anniversaries must be celebrated. Distinguish the days and months and seasons through celebration. Build up traditions to look forward to. Seize the moment!

Ok, the month has gotten away from me and my planned exploration of all things house and neighborhood related. But here we go: I'll be back later this week with some thoughts for the new year and then we'll get back on track. One goal for 2015? Write at least a post a week here, and some longer form musings once a month.

Good luck to everyone this winter, it's a tough season
An old Christmas card of ours


  1. What are your intentions for the year? I loved and was very inspired by your post last january: http://www.unspeakablevisions.com/2014/01/intentions-for-year.html

  2. And now we have a birthday thrown into the holiday mix! See you Saturday!


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