09 December 2014

turning 30

I turned 30 right after Thanksgiving, and had plans of checking in here to tell you all how it felt. To declare plans and goals and resolutions for this next decade. To reflect on my twenties. To lay bare my worries and hopes and all of it. I've had grand ideas of how I would ring in this new decade, ranging from a 30-mile run to a 30-point bucket list. I figured I should go big. 30! Whoa! Better prove how adventurous/zen/young/wise I am even though I'm no longer a twenty-something. I'm a list-maker, resolution-setter, challenge-accepter and accomplishment-collector. It's hardwired in me, for better or worse. But then I paused for just a moment, long enough to hear something in me say:

"Relax! You don't need to prove anything. You don't need to induce an a-ha turning point moment."

So for my 30th birthday, I took a proverbial chill pill and instead am trying to gracefully glide into this new age bracket. To quietly reflect, prioritize and let go of any nonsense. I have a few intentions that I'm sure I'll revisit and restate for the new year, but until then? It's all eggnog and cozy fireplaces and staying in the moment. It's appreciating who and where I am, at this exact moment in time. It's realizing that I'll never be younger than I am now, than I am right this very minute.

How do you celebrate milestone birthdays? Anyone have a big one coming up soon? Turning 30 was funny because some people couldn't believe how absolutely OLD I am and others couldn't believe how very YOUNG I am. I guess that means that being 30 years old is the best of both worlds, right?


  1. We are so very proud of you, Christine.


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