04 January 2015

2015, the intentions

In writing down my intentions for 2015, I realized that they are mostly the same as what I laid out last year. To find mindfulness, strength and adventure and roll them up into a good life. To take each day, each season, each moment as it comes and to not wish away the present. In pursuit of those three goals, here are some concrete tiny steps that just might help me get there.

I just haven't figured out a solid meditation practice yet. I'm a champion sleeper and lounger, but quieting the mind? I haven't really tackled that yet and as a result, I sometimes wring myself into a bit of a panic over something that happened earlier in the day or, even more likely, something that might possibly happen later. I'm also a champion worrier.

This month, I'll aim to sit still on that meditation cushion for two minutes a day. That's it. Just two minutes. After a month, we'll see how it goes. 

I'm going to get strong, people. Strong willpower, strong resolve, strong biceps. All of that. 2014 was not a big running year for me, and by the start of fall I had drifted away from my regular workout schedule. I lost my motivation and didn't think I had the time to stay active. With my commitment to the Runner's World Challenge, I established a routine of movement again. I loved the challenge because it eliminated the decision process. I never had to ask myself, "Should I run today?" The answer was always yes. It may not have been that far or that fast, but it was a given that I would be lacing up my shoes and getting outside. It was freeing. Isn't that funny? I knew that no matter what, I would get out there and run, so I had less room to worry or make excuses or procrastinate. Because the challenge was only to run at least a mile, it gave me permission to go easy. On days when I was feeling crappy or tired, I ran a single, slow mile. When I felt better, I did more.

This year, I'm building strength and aiming to be active every day. Some days will be a run. Some a walk. Some days I'll do a quick 15 minute yoga session or 50 lunges around the house. But every single day, I'll move. Can't nobody hold me down. Oh no. I've got to keep on moving.

This is all one big adventure, right? This is the toughest theme for me. As I write this, I keep thinking of reasons not to commit to whatever adventures pop up in my mind. Honestly, I keep writing suggestions and then quickly deleting them. Nerd alert.

Baby steps. This year, when things go wrong I'm just going to smile and shout PLOT TWIST! and move on. I saw that somewhere, probably on a Pinteresty little graphic, and loved it. I also have a great greeting card in my collection that says "One day we'll look back on this and laugh." So that's my goal: reminding myself that it isn't really an adventure until something goes astray :)

And also!
  • Write once a week here and do some long-form writing once a month. Plan out some topics ahead of time and stick to it.
  • Put down the phone! I've already deleted the Facebook app from my phone, and it's made a major difference in how oftenI check it.
  • Start a green tea habit. I've read a lot about it and I'm convinced I need more green tea in my life. Let's start with a few cups a week, shall we?

What are your resolutions?! Share them, please! Did you post them somewhere else? I'd genuinely love to read them. I love setting resolutions and making lists and buying new planners. It's like heading back to school armed with sharpened pencils and brand new notebooks. Am I right, nerds? Happy 2015!

intentions for the new year / 2014
looking back & looking forward / 2012 (& food-related goals for 2012)

(In 2013 I was too busy swooning over our wedding to post resolutions)


  1. I love the person you are, Christine. You are reflective, positive, strong, beautiful, helpful, motivational. . . and so many more wonderful things. Cheers to a great year! I'm joining you in mediation, decreased social media, and green tea! Love you lady!!!

    1. Thanks, Claire :) Cheers to 2015! I'll send you positive meditation vibes from NY.

  2. I love your blog! I've been reading if for quite a while, and finally mustered the courage to post a comment. For the first time in a few years I finally sat down and wrote out some resolutions, and it made me feel like I was actually committing to something (as opposed to just talking about it). Nerdy, but I'm totally okay with it :)

    My resolutions include (much like one of yours) being active everyday, even if it's just a quick 10 minute move session at home. I sit all day at work and always feel better when I can be active.
    -I also included cutting back on my bread/grain heavy diet and try to replace some of those grains with protein and veggies. So far so good, we made zucchini spaghetti last night, and it was awesome! I highly recommend them if you haven't tried them.
    -My last one is to stop spending so much money on work clothes. I work in an office with a business dress code, and I have yet to figure out how to dress for work and still feel like "me." This year I want to try to work with what I have, rather than continue buying different blouses, pants, etc. in hopes that something will seem right.

    1. Thanks, Becky! I always need to write things down to make them real. Love your resolutions! Happy New Year :)

  3. I love reading your intentions and reflections, so inspiring.
    My keywords for 2015 is trust and faith. It has to do with some plans that me and my husband try to have, things that you cannot really plan or control... and because of fear, control is what I desperately seek. So I need to let go, and rather find faith - I need to trust that whatever comes, it will work out for the best. Tough one. But it felt so good, just finding out these keywords, that's a start.
    More concrete feel good-steps in my life this year:
    * Nice, calm breakfasts, to be present and appreciating of that moment. To start the day healthy.
    * A little bit of yoga everyday (instead of "marathon yoga" every once a week)
    * Mini-hikes and picnics with my family. We do that quite often already, but I want to do it even more.
    * Turn off the TV and read more books, at least a couple of nights every week. That really shouldn't be that hard, hey I love literature! I just need to remember that.

    //Molly from Sweden

    1. Love these, Molly. I'm on board with your calm breakfast resolution too, what a nicer way to start the day than running out the door late to work!

  4. Oh, and one more thing!
    For all of us who have an office job, sitting down a lot: we need to do mini exercises during the day - just standing up at your desk, instead of sitting down, or doing some stretching every halfhour, that makes all the difference.

  5. What a wonderful post to start the new year. I'm right there with you sharing similar intentions, adding a couple additional ones related to my art and committing to making time to carry them through. You are such an inspiration, Christine and thoroughly amazing.

  6. Chrisitne, have you read Jon Kabat-Zinn's "Wherever you go there you are"? 'love your piixie cut series and your new cute housee.


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