02 September 2015

life is beautiful

I was glad to re-discover some of these TED talks tonight, because yes life is beautiful, even when you forget it.

If you have time to watch only a few talks, may I offer a suggestion? First, Sarah Kay​'s spoken word masterpiece "If I should have a daughter," then Shane Koyczan​'s poem to the bullied and beautiful, followed by the one and only BrenĂ© Brown​'s talk on the power of vulnerability and finally end with the delightful talk-and-classical-piano-lesson by Benjamin Zander​.

We are the luckiest that these and others are willing to stand up and share their genius with the world. I think everyone has a good TED talk inside of them, just as I think everyone has a blog or book or speech inside of them to share with the world. So let's all share. More sharing, more caring, okay?

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  1. Thank you my wonderful daughter for sharing the TED talks they were outstanding, especially Sarah's.


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