Things I've done today


It’s an average Tuesday.

I did not wash my hair. I wore the first outfit I tried on— maybe it’s not such an average day after all? Clark and I debated whether Tasmanian devils or octopuses were more powerful. We think octopuses probably are, given their size. I let Clark scream HELLO! in the stairwell at daycare to see if it echoed (it did a little, but not to our satisfaction). I thought it might finally be time to take a break from social media. Then I decided I would mute all the remaining accounts that make me feel bad. Then I thought I was being too sensitive and not happy enough for others. I thought about the people who probably don’t like me and I felt bad about that. I reminded myself to not care so much about being likeable, as long as I’m still being kind and true.

I gave Clark a dinosaur high-five at daycare. I researched knee joint pain and arthritis, which it turns out has been a pastime of mine for many years now. I read this beautiful piece about raising teenage boys and cried at my desk. Then I read another thread about protecting white teenage boys from becoming radicalized by white supremacists. A few more tears at my desk. (It should be noted that Clark is three years old.) Next I watched the trailer for the new Little Women movie. I tried not to pass out from extreme anticipation. I did a few quick edits on a post about expectations and disappointment. Then I got a cup of coffee and got to work.