Simplifying my wardrobe


Last month I quietly joined a little Fall 10x10 challenge, wherein you pick 10 items from your closet and wear only those items for 10 days. If you've talked to me about clothes or fashion lately, you may have heard that I'm fixated on simplifying my wardrobe. Having too many choices in the morning freaks me out and wastes precious time. Looking through clothes that don't fit or that I don't feel good in is demoralizing. Since becoming a mama, the urge to simplify my closet has only gotten stronger. No time for fashion crises, I just want a few good clothes that make me feel great and let me spend time on other things.

Sometime soon, I'll write about the minimalism trend and how it reeks of privilege but how it also shouldn't be dismissed because I think it's only way forward and how it's also an important blow to our capitalist consumer society. I wanted to include it here, but it's taking me too long and all of the sudden six more months will pass and I won't have posted anything. Gotta start pressing publish more often.

The 10x10 "rules" are:

Pick 10 items of clothing from your closet. Include tops, bottoms, and shoes for your everyday life. Don’t include accessories, bags, PJs, or gym clothes — they can flow in and out freely. Then, for 10 days, create a new outfit each day using your 10 items.

I chose not to include shoes so I could have a little more wiggle room to accomodate two weekend days plus eight work days of outfits. The weather for my ten days was all over the map, with some days nearly reaching 80 degrees and others more seasonably in the 50s.

The result? Totally easy. This challenge is probably a lot more challenging for people who are really into fashion. I, however, have no problem wearing the same outfit over and over, or at least really similar outfits, so it turns out this challenge was just sort of an interesting twist on how I already dress. I tried to take outfit photos but deleted all of them out of pure embarassment. How do you take outfit photos that aren't mortifying? I tried, I really did, but no.

Here's what I wore those 10 days:

  1. Gray tee + navy pants

  2. Navy tee + pencil skirt

  3. Navy dolman sweater + maroon pants

  4. Black dress

  5. Tan sweater + navy pants

  6. Navy dolman sweater + jeans

  7. Gray tee + jeans

  8. Striped shirt + navy pants

  9. Black dress (as shirt) + maroon pants

  10. Navy tee + navy pants

No big deal, right? Completely boring. Blissfully simple. Thinking about going full force with a Winter Capsule this season, which is basically just a simple, seasonal approach to a minimalist closet. Because I need more time for playing with Clark, drinking coffee and reading books under a blanket :)

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